GenuBOOK is built on an agile accounting approach. Regardless of if you are an organized or Too busy to do it daily, you should find this software will bring them up up to speed in no time. What it means is that you can manage your accounting either bottom up or top down both ways. We start with capturing income and expenses which is the fundamental part of the bookkeeping. Having these simple bookkeeping task done will cut down your overall accounting cost 50% when Genubook team is engaged for the other activities including annual tax return or periodic GST returns.

The best approach for the bookeeping is to:

  • Do the daily data entries as the first step.
  • Scan the financial records to determine the GST/HST received or paid
  • Group or categorize the finiancial records, we call it GIFI Assignment so that we maintain Accounting standards
  • Review automatically generated Income Statements and Balancesheet
  • Invoicing/Payment/Payroll processing etc will pass along the required information into the bookkeeping database
  • GST/HST return report and Annual Tax Return information is always ready to be filed.
Yes, GenuBOOK has invoicing and payment processing capabilities (Advanced). Furthermore, Account Receivable and Payable records stored into Bookkeeping database automatically. GenuBOOK makes invoicing such a breeze, you’ll be surprised how much faster you invoice your clients and get paid.
Yes, GenuBOOK is an Web Application. So you do not need a Mobile App. Just ad a shortcut to our web app. Senior Accountants can see bookkeeping and other day to day financial records directly from their web console. Using our Web Workflow system our Certified Genral Accountants (CGA) can review any client's file online from anywhere. Thus Auditing by a CGA is just a click away.
Yes and No. If you have previous Tax return experience then you just need a Tax Return software where you can just copy information from GenuBOOK. Otherwise, Simple Income Statements and Balance Sheet is ready to be handed over to your accountant. GenuBOOK offers trainings so that you can do it all by yourself. In case you need special need, you can ask GenuBOOK team to help you with a very little cost.
Yes, GenuBOOK Team is always ready to support you providing any accounting services. We also provide bookkeeping and Fiancnial Reports to many large Accounting firms for their final review. This is how these accounting firms save more than 50% of their operation cost.
GenuBOOK is for everyone. Specially for Self Employed and Accounting Firms. GenuBOOK is very easy to use for billing, expense organization and Tax Preparation. Furthermore, this is a great tool for personal use as well. Medical bills, child care expenses and many other expenses or income can be recorded into GenuBOOK througout the year. Eventually all the required records can be used for Tax return purpose. GenuBOOK provide a Record ID to write on the income statements or expense receipts for CRA audit for other future requirements.
Besides Bookkeeping, GenuBook has released it's payroll and invoicing modules. At this point Payroll module is ONLY for the province of Alberta. Payroll module for Remaining other Canadian provinces will be released by end of Dec 2018 or Early Jan 2019.
Yes, You can have ONE account registered with unlimited access to all GenuBOOK features for personal use, with no contracts and no credit card required. You get free phone and email support as well in case you have any questions. You may wish to upgrade to Silver, Gold or Platinum license if you need more than one account or more than one user. For speacial deals please click here
GenuBOOK protects all your personal and financial information. For security of transactions we use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts any information such as credit card number and billing information that you send us electronically. The encryption process protects your information by scrambling it before it is sent to us from your computer. In addition, your data is backed up automatically and is accessible from any device, so you can always stay connected and up-to-date.
There is no expiry date for personal account. If you are ready to move to the next plan, you can choose from one of several paid plans. If you stop using the tool, no problem. Your invoices, expenses, and other data will be securely stored in case you decide to come back later on.
If you need help setting up your account or need help on any other services we provide, or have any questions about using GenuBOOK, our Support is ready to for you. GenuBOOK support is also free forever, give us a call at 403-450-9324 between 8am and 5pm MST.