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Personal & Corporate Tax

Outsource all your accounting needs to us at a great price.
Single/Couple:$25/$40, Business $299+

Do your Bookkeeping, Payroll & Invoicing yourself online and get 50% off on all CRA Tax Returns. Free Trial for 3 months.

Bookkeeping, Payroll & Invoice Solutions

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  • GenuBook Accounting

    Whether your business is structured as a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation, GenuBook scaled services are designed to keep your accounting on-track.

  • Bookkeeping

    From bank reconciliations through month-end journal entries all the way to board deck presentations and financial reporting packages, we ensure you have a clean set of audit-ready financial statements.

  • Payroll, Invoice & more

    Canadian Small Businesses Get Quick & Accurate Payrolls With GenuBook. Innovative Software. Payroll in minutes. Proven Technology. Peace of mind. Types: Payroll Solutions, HR Solutions.

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Unfold Your Accounting Capabilities! With GenuBOOK, Accounting, Bookeeping & Payroll is as easy as 1-2-3.

Do it yourself or Outsource Your Accounting Services with us. Our 20 years of experience has been encapsulated into our simple yet powerful software which empowers us to provide complex accounting services at an affordable price.

  • FREE Training to perform online bookkeeping.
  • 1 Hour training for $49 to empower you to perform payroll tasks.
  • 2 Hour training for $99 to empower you to perform tax file prep.


We offer full-service outsourced accounting that you can draw on anytime the volume of work becomes too much. We dedicate a team that easily scales with your business as you need it.

Whether your business is structured as a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation, we help you address your federal and provincial tax and compliance needs.

We assign seasoned professionals to cover your audit, transaction support, Management and due diligence work, and support the growth of your firm, without incurring the full cost of additional staff.


  • You made it so simple. 5 years of pending work organized just in few days! Unbelievable!!. Thanks, guys

    - Dove Painting Ltd.
  • It's amazing to see how genubook can help us creating a payroll within minutes.

    - Russ/REXL Realty
  • Thanks for auditing my 10 years of tax files and working with CRA. What a great relieve! Thanks so very much!

    - Riya Painters Group

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Best Value Services Available Now (up to 50% OFF)!

    • Basic Online


    • Bookkeeping Yes

    • Payroll Yes

    • Invoice Yes

    • User Accounts 5

    • Free Training 1 Hr

    • Transactions Unlimited

    • 1 (T1 + T2) Return +$250

    • Bookkeeper

      $30/hr (min 10hrs)

    • Bookkeeping Yes

    • Online Access Yes

    • GST Calcualtion Yes

    • GST Return Yes

    • Online Report Yes

    • Excel/CSV files Available

    • T2 Return +$300

    • GBS Payroll


    • Payroll Service Yes

    • PDF/Email Paystub Yes

    • Email PDF Yes

    • Employees 5

    • Remittance Calc Yes

    • Email/Pdf 25/mo

    • T2 Return +$300

    • Premium


    • Bookkeeping Yes

    • Paystub - 10/moYes

    • T2 + GST Return Yes

    • T2 Return Yes

    • Remittance Calc Yes

    • Revenue/Yr $80,000 max

    • T2 Return Yes

    • Ultimate


    • Bookkeeping Yes

    • Paystub - 30/moYes

    • T2 + GST Return Yes

    • Remittance Calc Yes

    • Invoice Create 100/mo

    • Revenue/Yr $150,000 max

    • T2 Return Yes

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  • GenuBook Software
  • GenuBook Services
  • Simple Data Entry
  • Easy Data Processing
  • Online Calendar
  • Online Invoicing
  • PDF Invoice Emailing
  • Payrol Records
  • Paystub



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